Global Care International, by way of its strategic partners, ICUcare LLC and CSI Engineering has the solutions – and the solutions are mobile and customizable providing Western healthcare delivery "equivalency of care" standards for patients around the world.

ICUcare LLC has developed the world's first vertically integrated comprehensive Telemedicine/EHR System Solution of its kind. The system is the first to incorporate such advanced technology as "biometrics" for use in patient registration and care provider log in. Basically, the "system" involves one major hardware/software solution, one Client Server Software Solution and two Web-Based Solutions. (See Typical Client Server Deployment Scenario PDF)

  1. eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System (See eDoc® Telemedicine System PDF)
  2. eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Client Server Software (See eDoc® Telemed EHR Client Server PDF)
  3. eDoc® Physicians Web Portal (See eDoc® Telemed EHR Web Portal PDF)
  4. eDoc® MyeMHR Web Portal (See

Telemedicine: From Anywhere in the World

Telemedicine technology and its mobility are already impacting the future of healthcare. Telemedicine in our mobile environment may be the very best application of the technology because the "facility" was designed around the technology and not as an afterthought or an appendage to an existing concept.

Our units are capable of providing telemedicine support for consultations, radiology and pathology through the use of satellite, cellular or regular telephone service (POTS) connected to one communications system.

Workstations can employ high resolution monitors and are fiber-optic/copper-cable wired for a full local area network (LAN) connecting to a wide area network (WAN) that is neither vendor nor protocol specific or limited to system drivers. The telemedicine and communications capabilities are also adaptable to future systems alleviating issues of component incompatibility and obsolescence, and allowing for video teleconferencing or other input/output device plug-ins for those desiring to install their own electronic devices.

Global Care Intl. by way of ICUcare LLC has developed the worlds largest inventory of USB and Wireless Medical Diagnostic Equipment.

Digital Video Iris Scope

microQuark PC Based Spirometer

Digital Video Otoscope

Electronic Stethoscope

Iris Scope Image

microQuark PC Based Spirometer

Otoscope Image

12-Lead ECG System


18-Channel EEG System


The technology includes a large variety of integrated Ultrasonic Probes to include: Abdominal, Opthalmology, Endocavity and Peripheral

Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging Probe

Opthalmology Ultrasound Imaging Probe

Endocavity Ultrasound Imaging Probe

Peripheral Ultrasound Imaging Probe





A Single Source for all Related Data

Physicians operating in our mobile facilities can document every patient experience from the first EKG, BP, and O2 during the pre-op experience to anesthesia, environmental, and postoperative notes collection -- storing all information in the patient's electronic single-source permanent record. This combined data will track patient activity and allow for better outcome studies, utilization reviews, and cost/benefit evaluations.

Global Care International has developed a sophisticated world-wide communications system that is unique for a fixed site…let alone for a mobile environment!

Global Care International can provide a fixed location clinic or mobile vehicle with a minimum of one Customized eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System to include and assortment of medical diagnostic equipment. It is important to note that this unit can be provided either in a mobile or a fixed (wall mountable) configuration, application or user dependant. In a mobile configuration, the unit can be moved from patient, examination or surgery room as required. The mobile version is battery powered, providing up to 6 hours of operation. All power is 120/240 rated for universal deployment through the world.

ICUcare Telemedicine – Connecting Patients to Care Providers Globally, Anywhere and Anytime

eDoc® Mobile

eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR

eDoc® 1st Responders