About us


Global Care International is a health services delivery organization with a global initiative to bring 21st century medicine to underserved and impoverished populations across the continent of Africa. This is being accomplished by way of the development and deployment of advanced technologies involving telemedicine and telecommunications.

Simply put, Global Care International is dedicated to "connecting" patients with care providers with the support of both 21st century technology and international care providers in such a way as to break down the barriers, either, social, political and/or geographic that make it impossible for two thirds of the world's population to receive even the most basic of health care services.

Globally, there is a shortage of four million health workers. The situation is especially acute in Africa, which bears 24% of the world's burden of disease yet has only 3% of the global health workforce. Of the 57 countries that fall below the threshold density of 2.5 health workers per 1,000 people, 36 are in Africa!

Global Care International, by way of its strategic partners, ICUcare LLC and CSI Engineering, has the solutions – and the solutions are mobile and customizable providing Western healthcare delivery "equivalency of care" standards for patients around the world.

On the ground solutions include: land-based systems (fixed and mobile); water-based solutions (inland waterway medical service vessels) and supported by one of the largest telecommunications systems in the world.